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The first test of Brazilian World Cup riverside stadium

In the Brazilian World Cup opening ceremony only more than two months time, 6, is located in the port of Brazil in the reg World Cup - riverside stadium ushered in the first test, however, have exposed a series of problems during test events, be badly in need of the organizers.Internacional and invited to Uruguay pena rolle team conducted a test match.In the end, the international team beat pena 2-1 in the roll.That can be said to be a sea of red, international team fans in new and modern large stadium full eyes.

Brazil during the World Cup, riverside stadium will host in five games.Since the day of the tournament and two months, but this test show the problem to be solved.Celebration on the same day, the gates open for 30 minutes later, so that the fans have failed to see half an hour before the celebration of the opening dance.And in this two days of testing, the scene of the stadium sound also appeared problem, tone is high and low, lack of professional standards.

One of the most serious problem in the media.Test events of the day, the number of registered media provide beyond the field of media seats, many journalists have to sit on the seat inside the corridor between reported that in the day of the World Cup tournament, how to put the media, sponsors and FIFA's staff, the mystery is still an open.In addition, the scene of the mobile phone signals, network, traffic situation is not very desirable, near the stadium watching the fans must have a great deal of patience in and out of the stadium, and drive fans can only far away from the stadium to find a parking space, then walk to the stadium.And venues in food stores and small bar even haven't connected the power supply.

In the face of the upcoming World Cup, FIFA will no longer keep improving, expect "everything", however, provide TV signal and communication equipment for registered media, let the 32 teams training camp and activity space, and so on, these are the guarantee to provide the most basic elements of World Cup can be normal.

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