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The champions league defeat to Arsenal in Monaco

2014-15 season 1/8 uefa champions league final first leg, 3 to 1 defeat to Arsenal in the emirates stadium in Monaco. Hole biya, dimitar berbatov and carrasco as Monaco to build a work, wilt chamberlain scored a goal for Arsenal, the past never had the two sides met in the history of Arsenal vs 5-3-2 ligue 1 side. Arsenal in the champions league knockout, a French team to reach all five times. Arsene wenger still use three to play power forward with dual-core, Mr Lai Lin returned from injury to gibbs at left-back.

11 minutes, every protest rival box handball and the referee didn't said anything. The 36th minute, cazorla, Mr Lai crosses, Lin giroux six-yard box shot before playing high. The 38th minute, muti mourinho, hole outside biya middle long shots, the ball hit mertesacker refraction into the goal, 1-0, Arsenal at home behind. The top 40 minutes, giroux header high. The first half, Arsenal 1-0 down.

52 minutes, cross in the back, dimitar berbatov box volley, 2-0, Monaco again into a ball. The 91th minute, every cross out, chamberlain slipped past one ball, long shots, in the terminal 1-2, Arsenal back a ball. The 94th minute, chamberlain midfielder lost the ball, carrasco rapid breakthrough into the penalty area, oblique corner. The end of the game, Arsenal 3-1 home defeat.

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