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The champions atletico smoothly into the top eight

2014-15 1/8 season in the champions league final second leg, atletico Madrid 1-0 bayer leverkusen in 120 minutes of time, the two sides both legs at 1-1, penalties, atletico Madrid win 3-2, fernando torres last played key free throws for a penalty, the total score of 4 to 3 into the top eight. In European history, bayer leverkusen 30 war against Spain team 10-5-15 disadvantage; Atletico Madrid 32 times against Germany team have 15 about 6-12. Bayer leverkusen and atletico Madrid only three times in the history of the champions league clash, atletico Madrid two draws.

The first leg clash this season and atletico Madrid away 1-0 defeat. Starting, atletico Madrid core cork returned from injury to Jimenez and carney replace suspension godin and tiago, new signing carney substituted, mann partner ZuJiJi Gerry boltzmann, torres sat on the bench. Bayern coach pep guardiola, Porto coach los pater, all came to calderon stadium.

27th minute lead atletico Madrid, who create a free-kick, cork ball into the box, not far from bayer leverkusen line continuous clearance, Mario soares left-footed, 21 meters away from the top, foot to seal, deflection struck him the ball into the net, atletico Madrid 1-0, total the score 1-1 draw! 45 minutes, son heung-min direct passing, Dr Venter low on the left door, Mr Black will get the ball. Mann ZuJiJi be PaXiJi shovel to an ankle injury fell to the ground, to accept medical treatment approach.

Easy side fight again in the second half, raul Garcia who need to be replaced. Overtime on 116 minutes, Juan Francisco moreno fuertes post, glancing header torres 10 meters, Lionel firmly embraced the ball. Both sides failed to score, overtime shootout. Higher than that of round 1, raul Garcia penalty beams, bayer leverkusen, Mr Khan of finish middle, Mr Lu black the ball will be saved, the two teams still 0-0. Second round lattice boltzmann left-footed in the upper right corner, rolle firth left-footed volley from same top right hand and 1 to 1!

Scored 3 rounds of Mario soares right boot from the top right corner, bayer leverkusen, top, right foot volley from high atletico Madrid 2-1! 4 rounds, cork tipped round corner is Lionel saved, castro tipped round to deceive the goalkeeper, 2-2! 5 rounds, torres right foot on the right corner, kiessling penalty dozen fly right foot, 3-2! Atletico Madrid penalty shoot-out 3-2, with a total score 4-3 thriller promotion!

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