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The champions Arsenal anderlecht stand a draw

Arsenal at the emirates stadium in the champions league group D game last 30 minutes lost 3-0 in the good situation, by Belgian side anderlecht even after three goals. Arsenal win it as long as can smooth progress, of 15 consecutive league into the top 16. With home advantage, "gunmen" took the lead in the 25th minute the welbeck was in the area of each other's mann had stumbled, won a penalty opportunities for Arsenal, arteta taking hits.

After 4 minutes, sanchez to expand the score for the home team, hits the wall when he first free-kick on the edge of the area, the ball bounces back before him, the Chilean volley the ball into the goal, it is also a move to Arsenal emirates stadium after the 500th goal. 58 minutes, sanchez offensive tackles, chamberlain she runs after the ball on the left, in front of the door finish into the top corner 10 meters, Arsenal 3-0 lead.

However, Arsenal once again shows that the defence when odds fragile. The 61th minute, Fan Dengbo easily break on the offside position. The 73th minute, the real box for mitt's foul, Arsenal was sentenced to capital punishment, a penalty kick for Fan Dengbo ray hits, will score 2:3. The 90th minute, los premiership, a valuable points for anderlecht, all Arsenal fans suddenly silence.

At present, the Arsenal ranked second in group D, borussia Dortmund five points behind the leaders, even in the second place finish, knockout will face very disadvantageous situation in the lottery. Anderlecht on a home game suffered a miserable fate more than Arsenal, they remained ahead in the last 3 minutes by Arsenal's two goals, 2-1 defeat.

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