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The bundesliga all four teams to qualify

The 2014-2015 season uefa champions league group stage over the final round of contest, all 16 into the knockout teams produce. The bundesliga fill four consecutive season, the Primera Liga and the premier league is also a strong all over next three seats, ligue 1 have two teams, but only in the 1990 s of the serie a Juventus a only child. And because of this year's champions league upset quite a lot, a lot of good teams to finish second, it also makes the future of the knockout round may sparks.

As Germany's strong performance during the World Cup, the bundesliga in the champions league this year four teams, bayer leverkusen and bayern Munich and borussia Dortmund schalke are also well. In the first four rounds of 16 games only lost two games. The last round, the bundesliga four team 2 wins and two draws unbeaten, bayern Munich and schalke 04, winning draw with borussia Dortmund, bayer leverkusen, respectively, and their rivals, all four teams advance to the knockout.

Compared to put a strong, not bad in la liga and the premier league, each with three teams, la liga is atletico Madrid and Barcelona, real Madrid, and all are top of their group; Is the premier league team, Arsenal, Manchester city and Chelsea only Chelsea got the points at the top of their group, Liverpool are eliminated; Ligue 1 to participate in the champions league group stage both teams winning, won the group first of Monaco, Paris st germain came second in the group.

According to uefa's schedule, the champions league knockout 1/8 finals against the lottery will be in Beijing time on the evening of December 15. According to the rules, eight team will first by lot respectively with eight second smoke into a pair of two rounds of knockout, group of the first team as seeds have the away leg first race.

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