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The art of war become to the Brazil military counsellor

The reporters came to the world's largest football stadium -- Na maraca Rio de Janeiro, 2014 World Cup will be held in Brazil. The seat had 200000 people to hold up the grandstand, was modified to still can hold 105000 people. A Zico, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo and other stars leave footprints stadium entrance. Mara Khanna stadium hosted many important matches, and created many brilliant moments football.

Accompanied by a reporter to interview local fan said, the kingdom of football in Brazil, China grandson to become military counsellor. This translated as "the art of war" works, has been a tactical theory Master said Parreira well researched, go out every game is like a shadow. Fifa also have this habit, the trunk is little not "art of war". No wonder a Brazil reporter said: "son, the Chinese ancient military thinkers of the ghost seemed to linger on the pitch, each master international side can feel his shadow".

In 2002, Korea and Japan during the world cup of soccer, football fans around the world as "the outstanding performance in the samba" delude one to folly and at the same time, to explore the secret of success. In this regard, Brazil national football team coach Scolari to the media said: "call a spade a spade" art of war "is the Brazil national team in the World Cup winning guide, I will continue to strive to practice the thought."

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