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The World Cup FIFA President be prosecuted of bribery

Before has been received for 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cup bid process accusations of wrongdoing, the two World Cup held by Russia and Qatar, respectively. The investigation for the event FIFA, recently, FIFA announced about Russia and Qatar's bid to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cup of bribery of investigation report, at the same time ruled out of both the possibility of a World Cup host nation to vote.

But it did not end, FIFA is refers to the distortion of investigation report, now also has been the Swiss justice ministry to Sue, on behalf of the Swiss justice ministry eckert in the relevant statement aimed directly at the FIFA President sepp blatter. Eckert said: "this is a hundreds of pages of report, and the attachment is rich, we must fully understand about it and so that I can identify some things, we don't early to come up with any conclusions."

Is responsible for the investigation of fraud, a former federal prosecutor in New York, head of the Michael Garcia, said: "as far as I learned, signs can that FIFA suspected of illegal activity, based on this situation, I think Sue it is my responsibility. I want to point out is, before my speech does not relate to all kinds of charges and assumptions, on the contrary, I've been in whitewashes it. In the ruling group chairman announced the decision in a large number of incomplete and misquoted, I intend to appeal against the decision to appeal to the FIFA committee."

FIFA President sepp blatter has to respond in the first place, "eckert judges have filed criminal charges, I want to say is that the relevant bid process does not exist any illegal behavior, this is impossible, I'm not a lawyer, I don't have a release report, as the President of FIFA, I have a responsibility to respond to this."

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