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The Transfer Contract of Morata

Recently, imfifa exposed the transfer contract of Morata. In order to obtain the Spanish center, Juve spent 20 million euros, Real Madrid also set up a buy-back clause. To prevent Morata switch to other teams, the contract stipulated his liquidated damages is up to 80 million euros.

In the summer of 2014, Morata joined Juventus with 20 million euros transfer fee, and they signed a five-year contract. There is a very important clause that Real Madrid can repurchase him. Prior to July 2017, Real Madrid have the right to repurchase Morata.

In order to prevent Morata switch to other teams, the contract also provides another point, if Juve sell Morata to other teams before July 2017, they need to pay 80 million euros liquidated damages to Real Madrid. So in addition to Real Madrid, there are no other teams can take Morata away before July next year.

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