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The Spanish Barcelona home defeat villarreal

West re-scheduled week 21 rounds, Barcelona 3-2 win over villarreal at home, and played a game more behind real Madrid 1 minute, the tournament had eight matches. Cherry, and than Mr Holder's goal to help visiting team leading twice, but in the maldives, lafite, complete reversal, with messi scored three times suarez assists. The Spanish in the history of the two teams play a total of 29 times previously, Barcelona - 6-8, 15, 53 goals in 39 goals conceded. Their last 11 games against Barcelona, has not been defeated.

Red and blue last defeat against villarreal have to back to the 2007/08 wheel, 27 1-2 defeat at home to Barcelona. Barcelona last season double villarreal, 2 to 1 at home, away from 3 to 2, 2 rounds of the season, Barcelona were 1-0 win away to villarreal. Personnel, the visiting team sent a full - brothers together to against the old Lord giovani DOS santos, Barcelona than previously only a starting lineup adjustment, Kitty, dwell, lafite, entered.

At the beginning of the opening of Barcelona onslaught on the full pressure, Lionel messi, suarez, omar in front frequently done wonderful little scope for them. 30 minutes, villarreal siege of Barcelona, Mario volley in the terminal, cut, the area in the left foot pad to change the ball flight direction, bravo, ball from the visiting team leading 1-0.

42 minutes, iniesta shot is blocked in the civil war of the area, the visiting team immediately launched a rush and hit Barcelona area, peak clearance kick, Vito header, bravo, the ball will be confiscated. 45 minutes, macy's passing, lafite Virginia in the box on the right side of the door, locked out, his home at the back, 1-1, this is Mr. West re-scheduled week 15 goals this season. Then the referee whistle blowing midfield, both sides with 1-1 the score back to the locker room.

Both easy and fight again in the second half, the teams were not substitution. The 51st minute, pique midfielder left stopped the ball is steal, giovanni - - a run giovani DOS santos drove the small area on the left, then he kickbacks bravo open to swoop in and surf cross before knocking at the door, Vito play an empty net successful, 2-1, the visitors took the lead again. 53 minutes, suarez cross from the left lane and messi header is blocked, lafite, follow up the break, 2-2.

55 minutes, alba play cross, suarez conveniently cross the ball after tapping, messi up before the goal, his 3-2. The final stage, the two sides failed to rewrite the score, the final 3-2 win over villarreal Barcelona at home, the eight wins in a row.

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