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The Rumors And Information For The Next FIFA Edition

FIFA 18 will be released on September 29 2017. Probably, transfer market will reopen a little earlier so that you can perform a few trades and collect FIFA Coins  via companion app already. In addition, players with certain editions and vorbesteller boni early access. Until then, though is still some time, but it's never too early to start thinking about new content from FIFA 18.

After E3, more details on FIFA 18th Content have now surfaced , game modes and a special treat. at least for players on the PlayStation. There is an exclusive deal between EA Sports and Sony,which the legends as an icon player in FUT mode are available now on the PlayStation. It is also known that Alex Hunter will be back and experience a second season. In The Journey: Alex Hunter returns, you go with the young star traveling through the world and joining a top European club.

A shock to many fans of the FIFA series! There is a risk that EA has no licenses for the  Bundesliga. As a competitor of EA Sports now receives many Konami exclusive rights to the first and second Bundesliga . Whether a change will prevail remains to be seen, but it is possible. Therefore, it could happen that FIFA Players want to adopt in the future of the teams and players of the real name.

The qualities of the players or teams will not change by a lack of appropriate licenses and fans of PES games, did so far hardly less enthusiasm, because, for example aground a Kagawa under the pseudonym Tsukahara.

A little innovation there are already since the first licenses for teams and leagues have come to light. Therefore clubs like are then in the autumn of Zwickau and Chemnitz with at the Games. It's said even that the third division would mean much too effort. To be honest,we can know more details new from the internet reviews about the licenses issue.

In FIFA 18, a new spectator mode will be presented. How this will look like in the end and what the changes are, however, not yet known. One famous magazine had an interview with Peter Moore may coax micro-information already. Apart from the new spectator mode while also talking about is more competitive game modes have been mentioned. That sounds interesting.

A great hope for FIFA 18 is that there will be further improvements in the story mode. The Journey of Alex Hunter has already brought much with him, but is compared to other sports simulations such as NBA 2K17 no milestone. An old hat at the desired improvements are the spectators . Many players want a little more atmosphere in the stands or more details in the design of the fans. Finally, it would be nice if the audience is not as obvious a mass of different clones in the future.

These points are waiting for you in FIFA 18:

.The Journey Mode: Hunter Returns. The story mode is continued and  you can experience a new story with new characters.
.Global Tournaments:  FIFA is a competition and this will be expanded further and more interesting content will be comes out in next series.
.Weather fluctuations:  Weather conditions can change in game, so you have to adjust your tactics.
.Championship mode:  Cause The 2018 World Cup will be taken place in Russia, FIFA 18 will also make such a mode so that you can fight with a country of your choice for the trophy.
.New game mode: Spin the Wheel:  Unfortunately, a few information about the new game mode.
.Virtual Realiy:  FIFA 18 will support VR, we are excited to see how this feels.
.Two Ronaldo comes:  Christiano Ronaldo and Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima are waiting for you On the covers.

With the Frostbite Engine in FIFA 17 EA has already ventured a new step in sports simulations and opinions here about diverge. Developers will learn from their findings determined the current version and even integrate other subtleties and improvements in the physics reactions of the players.