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The Prediction of FIFA 18 Player

FIFA 18 is coming soon. There are many predictions on players of FIFA 18. So we imfifa.co want to introduce one of the players. Over the past year, David de Gea has had a great season and wants to upgrade his card in the next FIFA franchise.

De Gea received a generous evaluation from the EA Sports team. Goalkeepers averaged 2.1 games per game, of which 1.1 is a restricted area. These performances have not been ignored, leading him to honor in various ways. He won the annual Football Association team and season EA FIFA 17 season results. He got a special card in the game, a total score of 95 points.

This card brings a lot of money. The card is currently moving nearly 700,000 coins in the game on the market. Although he did not get the overall rating upgrade, his personal statistics have improved. He also got a lot of promotion, making him more agile. As a whole, Dege's cards are more round and more suited to his playing style.

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