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The Performance of Chelsea Players

Chelsea has a bad performance in the league recently, maybe it is due to players' poor performance especially Eden hazard and Nemanja Matic. Eden hazard's performance may be the worst this season, he can not control the ball in the game. His state declines very fast recently. As a professional player, his attitude may be the biggest problem.

Nemanja Matic is not in a good state as well. His performance in the game drags down the team's attack. As a result, the team has not an effective attack. While as the midfield organizer, Cesc Fabregas does not play the role of organizer, he has a long way to go if he wants to become a top player. Other players in Chelsea don't make big mistakes in the game.

Branislav Ivanovic had a good performance last season, but he still has some problems. He can't return to his place in time after the attack in the game. Diego Costa remains a steady state. He has the ability to contain the rivals and create opportunities for his teammates in the game. He is a good player. But if a team wants to stand out, the players should work together to make the team become better. Stay tuned on www.imfifa.co, you can know more related news and buy FIFA 16 coins here.