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The Little Fan of Messi

Not long ago, there was a popular photo on the Internet. In the photo, a little fan wore a Argentina Messi jersey which was made of blue and white striped plastic bag. Soon, looking for the little fan's work is also being done spontaneously. Now, the little fan has been found, he is a 5 year old boy in Afghanistan.

The boy's life is about to usher in a huge change. Afghan Football Association revealed that they were trying to make the boy and Messi meet each other. According to www.imfifa.co, the boy comes from a poor family in Afghanistan. Because they could not afford to buy Messi Jersey, his brother came up with a brilliant idea to use blue and white striped plastic bags to make one, and with a marking pen to write on the Messi's name and number.

On Tuesday, the boy was invited to Kabul and was provided with Messi Barcelona Jersey. He was let to play on the training ground happily. It is said that the Spanish Embassy in Afghanistan is applying passports for him, and Messi also wanted to see the little fan. By the way, click here for cheap FIFA coins.