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The Latest FIFA Rankings

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FIFA official website announced the latest national rankings. Compared with the previous period, Germany and Argentina, without any change in the ranking, ranked first and second. Europe Belgian Red Devils finished third, while South American powerhouse Columbia Ensemble slipped to fourth. It is worth mentioning that Spain came back to 10 by virtue of the excellent play before March, while French team returned a fall from 8 to 11.

There is no change Germany and Argentina the FIFA rankings in the latest issue. Germany ranked first with 1687 points, while Argentina ranked second with 1490 points. Belgian team won two games in the just concluded two-game winning streak in the European preliminaries. While the European Red Devils also reached the top three rankings by that two victories in FIFA beyond the Colombian team.

Compared with the previous rankings, Brazil and the Netherlands just swap the position. The two teams ranked No. 5 and No. 6 currently. Portugal's ranking without any change, still ranked No. 7. Spain became the biggest surprise. Matador team comeback in the top ten again. Uruguay and Switzerland ranked eighth and ninth.

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