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The Fourth Sign of AC Milan Arrived

July 6 , Jose Mauritius, a 19 year old gifted midfielder from Milan, will come to Milanello base to undergo a medical examination.

Italian media had previously reported that Jose Mauri will come to Milanello base today, he will undergo a medical examination upon arrival, and participate in team training at local time 18:00 pm. If nothing unexpected happens, he will be official announced to join later today .

Jose Mauri was born in Argentina and his father is Italian,so he has dual citizenship in Italy and Argentina. He previously played for Parma, since the bankruptcy of Parma , Jose Mauri can free himself to leave. AC Milan will sign with the 19-year-old midfielder for four years.

The moment Jose arrived at Milan airport, he accepted an interview with reporters. He said: "I have already prepare to join AC Milan. When I was in Argentina, Galliani called me to join Milan. To join Milan is the most important decision in my career so far. And I am very pleased, this is a moment when dream comes true. In Milan, Gattuso is my idol. "

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