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The Chinese super league and axle FIFA

On November 10, although before Shanghai port from the desire to introduce xiang sun, Lin gao and zhang linpeng three main evergrande's affair, their experience, before guangzhou evergrande wants to put a person will not do lose money buying and selling, but for now, the Shanghai port is likely to be introduced at a low price on three players.

FIFA has long advocated 25 + 5 registration system, mainly to limit it's fair to reduce the investment club investors, put an end to waste, let more players can play with the ball, which pursues with the NBA salary cap system is very similar, but FIFA no luxury tax system are introduced.

In fact, as early as six years ago, FIFA's technical team to investigate the Chinese league architecture has proposed two requirements: one is the China league should be from low level to the top in the pyramid structure, instead of the inverted pyramid structure; The second is to make the Chinese teams registered players control in 30 people or so.

It is in this context, more and more grassroots football team at China, inverted pyramid structure of the Chinese football association, the China league gradually turn to the pyramid structure; And from the beginning of the 2014 season ended, the Chinese super league first team was to control the enrollment within 35 people, and the 2015 season will draw 30 people to death.

Just before the start of this year, Shen Yangzhong jersey coach li jingyu after class once said to introduce the Chinese super league of not playing ball players to the team, but these players would rather play not on the ball to one strange like this stage. But as the Chinese super first-team next season began 25 + 5 registration system, li jingyu type problems will gradually disappear from history.

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