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The Charm of The Journey

What's the charm of FIFA 18? We believe there are thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes. Some were appealed by its soundtrack. Cause it is as real as you can hear the fricative between footballs and the ground. Some were attracted to its FUT mode in which they will enjoy the glory they will never achieve in the reality.

Recently, some pictures that presented the game has been exposed to us. And after a simple study of that, we can make a conclusion that the personalized setting may become the main stream of FIFA 18 and even the following versions.

As we all know, FIFA 17 features a new Career Mode: The Journey. Now we are all exposed to the result of the story. Alex Hunter eventually became a famous football star from a rookie. In this story players not only struggled for the victory but also experienced the conflict within a footballer when he can't win the support of his families. The new mode was a good example for getting players’personalities involved in the game. You can choose which club you are willing to enter.

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