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The Brazilian World Cup win 100 million dollar for youth programme

FIFA and CBF 10 heritage fund a memorandum of understanding signed Brazilian World Cup, a total of $100 million in the fund will be used to promote the development of Brazilian football. In order to further expand the World Cup hosts to bring positive social and economic sense, set up FIFA World Cup heritage fund. In FIFA's headquarters at the signing ceremony, FIFA secretary general Mr G and Brazilian football association, marin and Brazilian football association's incoming President del Nairobi signed the memorandum of the fund.

Brazilian football association recently announced the $100 million fund will be used to develop the Brazilian football academy, held during the World Cup without Brazil 15 states of the game, will establish a youth can accept 720 player base, mainly for 7 to 14 small players; In order to promote the level of the Brazilian women's, the base is also open to love playing girls; 15 base each year there will be a total of 10800 players training, at the same time, base also undertake the task of training manager. These facilities by 2017 will be completed and put into use.

The World Cup, Brazil in the semi-finals in 1:7 shameful defeat to Germany, Brazil football fell into the trough, but they soon began to pay attention to the German youth modestly. After to recognize their own youth problems, Brazilian football association announced it will use the fund to provide $100 million to the development of youth, to open the "football kingdom" youth recovery plan.

In the run-up to the World Cup in Brazil, many brazilians to spend big money to handle events and ignore the development of the people's livelihood and complaints, and a large-scale demonstrations against the World Cup. Has always stressed FIFA World Cup for the positive influence of the host and the fund can be as a way of return Brazil World Cup.

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