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The Brazil government will ensure the safety

Wilton said, there will be three teams base arranged in Bahia State during the world cup, and Salvatore will host the six games, second in importance only to Rio de Janeiro and St Paul. At present the state of Bahia, especially Salvatore City preparations be arranged in good order, including the field maintenance, traffic, public security, and FIFA coordination etc.. He said, during the world cup, the government to provide the necessary assistance will include the Chinese tourists, tourists from all over the world, ensure the safety of. In view of the news media, he said, "the reporter will provide the hotel to the stadium between the free shuttle bus. But failed to obtain the permit for reporters, the Department will set up a press center for its use.

Barbosa introduced, during the event, Bahia will send 6000 police officers involved in security work, distribution in the stadium, airport, training field, area etc.. In addition, the military will also send 3000 soldiers involved in related work. Barbosa said, at last year's FIFA Confederations Cup after the game, Sarwar do come out in front in the event operation evaluation, especially the security aspect, the city ranked first in the six seat in the host city. He said, the state government will make every effort to ensure the safety of inside and outside the stadium, to ensure the smooth operation of events.

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