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The Bayern winger Coleman has been out of favour in Ancelotti

Coleman in the summer of 2014 are free to join the Bianconeri to join Juventus serie a hegemon, after the French winger with a sharp attack on the right team has become an important rotation players in the first season the team played 14 times in the league, in 498 minutes, sent two assists. In many media view, the potential of the outstanding Coleman will become the future of the construction team, the core of fifa 17 points the team.

But in the summer of 2015, Coleman in the face of the pursuit of Bayern but chose to leave, Juve don't want to hold Coleman back, but also left a flip in the trading contract, Coleman on loan to Bayern in the two season, and in the two season, Bayern can be the price of 21 million euros will be forced to buy Coleman.

After joining Bayern, Coleman played well last season in the Bundesliga played 23 times, scoring 4 goals and 5 assists, produced a total of 9 goals. In the Champions League, the youngster played 8 times with 2 goals and 5 assists in the data, especially in the battle of Juventus in the tournament squad who plays stunning, 1 goals and 1 assists to help Bayern out of the old woman.

In the view of many media, Coleman after the end of the 2016-2017 season by the Bayern buyout without any suspense, but with Ancelotti's arrival, Coleman's situation has become very difficult, competitive state is also very low, although this and some of the wounded, but in three games played in the League de 0 ball and 0 assists, and very to create a threat.

Bayern high for the current state of Kerman is not satisfied, but Ancelotti also on comin not too cold, the former Guardiola's wing has become a team player chicken ribs. It is also because of this, at the end of the season, Bayern will not be comin outright, while the French only to return to his former club juventus.

Return to Juve for Buy Fifa 17 Coins Coleman is not the best choice, in the right side of the road, the location of the Juventus Alves and Claude Lado can be described as double insurance, Coleman after the return is difficult to get the main position. Not only that, in the summer of 2015, when Bayern Koeman joining on loan with Juventus some contradiction.