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The Asian football confederation supports FIFA President sepp blatter

Afc President sarkozy, 9 special congress in Melbourne hosted the afc reiterated that afc will support the current President of FIFA President sepp blatter.

Salman said: "everyone knows the FIFA congress in 2013 and 2014 has decided to support sepp blatter's fifth consecutive term. All members of the association are promised support sepp blatter, and according to the latest feedback I got the news, they will keep the promise.

Is seeking re-election of current FIFA President sepp blatter has met the challenger, 39-year-old, vice President of FIFA, Jordan, prince ali bin al hussein 6 formally announced his candidacy for FIFA's next President.

The 78 - year - old Mr Blatter has four consecutive terms as FIFA President. Ali, the campaign slogan is "now it is time to change".

The way for prince ali declared his candidacy, salman to a western diplomat, he said this is the prince's personal behavior, and in the process of central Asia's unwitting, "on the nomination, after no one consulted with the Asian football confederation".

In response to the Asian football confederation, Kuwait, said al sabah, football association President of Kuwait will fully support sepp blatter re-election, "we support sepp blatter collective vote at the meeting, I think prince ali should fully take into account this point.

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