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The 2018 World Cup qualifiers for the Chinese team in Asia

Maldives, Bhutan, China, Hong Kong, the four teams are the only answer which are arranged in 2018 Russia World Cup qualifiers 40 group C match for Asian area. In this way, Chinese team will meet their ideal opponents, also their expected Nemesis. Since the draw in Kuala Lumpur on April 14, the only effort that the Chinese team can do is to strive in full stretch, in order to make their best performance after a long FIFA race.

On September 3, after two games of the World Cup qualifiers, the Chinese team got 4 scores with one winning and one even, but still can't break the opponent's goal, just draw a balance to China’ Hong Kong team. After two games, China's Hong Kong got 7 points and ranked the top 2 with three wins and a draw of three games.

Good news is that the Chinese team at the qualifiers win the Maldives by 3 to 0. Just 8 minutes after the game the player Yu Dabao broke the deadlock, and at the 47 minutes, Yu Hanchao gave a single-pole shot. when the game was closing to the end, Zheng Long mainly took the corner kick in succession to assist Yu Dabao and Zhang Linfang’s a header off the kick after 57 minutes and 66 minutes.

To Chinese Team, the biggest rival Qatar has just gotten a 15 to 0 victory over Bhutan, with six points from two games. The Chinese team’s heroes are now under great pressure.

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