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The 2014 international top 10 players Cristiano ronaldo leading

Sports to name the 2014 international top 10 athletes are as follows:

1. Cristiano ronaldo (Portugal) : The pressure after obtaining 2013 FIFA golden globe Lionel messi, the champions league in 2013-2013 season with 17 goals set a single season in the champions league scoring record for a single, elected European player of the year. Cristiano ronaldo took 61 goals in 2014, real Madrid in his lead our season in all competitions the powerful 22 in a row broke the team history record.

2. Lionel messi (Argentina) : Lionel messi in 2014 did not get a championship team, but in the end of November, first with 253 goals set by the Spanish history personal record goals, then he scored his 74th goal in the champions league, beyond real Madrid legend raul become history in the champions league top scorer. Brazil's World Cup, messi scored four goals as Argentina runner-up and the contest won the golden ball award.

3. JiaoKe (Serbia), one is 3 years again lift the wimbledon championship trophy, 2 it is three consecutive years won the ATP world tour finals champion, 3 it is the third time at year-end world no. 1.

4. HuoSu (Hungary) : HuoSu every game in the 2014 swimming World Cup series more than 69 MEDALS, including 51 gold MEDALS, set a new world record for twice the 100 - meter medley, two 200 - meter medley world records and 400 m medley world record at a time, there is no dispute to fina elected woman swimmer of the year.

5. Ravi learned (France) : he was the first to obtain the iaaf male athlete of the year award in pole vault athletes, but for the first time since 1988 to earn an international athletics the French player of the year.

6. Victor Ann (Russia) : since the Olympics, the victor Ann have won 6 gold MEDALS and two bronze MEDALS, the results match the MEDALS record us swimmer Apollo.

7. Hamilton (UK) : Hamilton in the F1 championship this season to win 11 wins, a determined career second F1 drivers' championship, 1968 years after the first two year British driver drivers' championship.

8. Navigation within the village, ping (Japan) : in 2014 the fifth consecutive crowned world gymnastics championships all-around champion. World title for the first time since 2009, the village of navigation flat all-around at the world championships and Olympic Games unbeaten in the race.

9. Ding (China) : on December 3rd, ding junhui in the world rankings released by the tsu at first, becoming the first Asian player to step onto the world first throne. Level in a season held by "the emperor billiards hendry" five champions league record.

10. Valerie Adams (New Zealand) : in the annual list of the iaaf, she became the first female athlete of the year award shot-putter.

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