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Teenager Players are the Transfer Protagonist

2015 summer transfer window has been closed, once again the Premier League has become the biggest investment, with 20 staggering total investment of 1.17 billion. It has renewed the record over the years, in which Manchester United spent more than 200 million and become the largest investment club.

Compared with the after 80s players whose growth potential and oppotunities for the appreciation are not so large , the generation after 90s are more easily attract giants' attentionthe with the advantage of young. From the 2013-14 season to the 2014-15 season, both Neymar (83.5 million euros) and J Lo (80 million) has shown FIFA coins fans that 90s has long been the protagonist of the transfer market. Among the six European leagues, there are four leagues' transfer king are after 90s.

According to iMfifa, young and high-priced high-priced have become the new trend of transfer. More intuitive point is that after 94 or even 95 players have been able to worth millions. We look forward to the new force to bring us surprise.