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Team Lineup in Coach Mode in FIFA 18

Consolidated state: when taking an observation on players, you should pay attention to their comprehensive ability, state, morale. The best way to enhance the three elements is to let them participate, and get game victory.

Comprehensive evaluation promotion mainly lie to the potential of players. Comprehensive evaluation of the young, high potential players grows faster. The state depends on the performance of each game. As long as the game gets victory, players on the spot score close to his comprehensive score divided by 10. Then his State must go up.

The player's status has an impact on the performance of the field. Players with good state catch the ball, passing, shooting, defense well, and there will be excellent play. So you should always make a good player in the mall game.

Player morale is the results from the game, the left half is from your attitude to the players. The former is similar to the state, as long as the team achieved good results. The majority of the morale of the players will improve.

And sometimes the players will ask you, such as multi-point opportunities to play, need to rest, need to transfer, etc., if you do not agree or ignore the player's request, then their morale will drop. Morale will not cause a great impact on the team game, the operation. But when the players need to renew, you will be more or less at a disadvantage.

So you do not need to pay too much attention on morale. After all, to players you do not like, you naturally will not meet his requirements. The game will give each player the default location, you combine with their usual foot, attack, defense efficiency to arrange suitable location.

FIFA and PES are different, In FIFA, you can arrange players as you want, the players will not feel discomfort. And you will not meet situation that the overall score does not rise. So players can arrange the location according to their own preferences.

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