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Take You To Be A Pro By Following These Tips_ FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

You have collected the cards since your beginning and you dreamed of seeing your favorite players in the same team? Stop dreaming, you need to know how to play FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.

   FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Champion

How does FUT work?

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, or FUT for short, is both simple and complex. Simple as its concept.Indeed, the target of FIFA 18 ultimate team is to create your team with players that you can buy in packs or in the transfer market with FIFA coins. Your team ready, you participate online or offline matches can earn FIFA coins that you used to buy better players. On paper, it's simple. But maybe not so much as bring the best players at each position, it is not possible at least not from the start.

FIFA Coins and collective agreement

As in reality, the best players of the game are very expensive. Acquire a Cristiano Ronaldo or a Paul Pogba is not an easy task. so it takes a long time to raise the necessary funds or a lot of luck finding them in a pack. And even, line up all the world's top players in a team does not guarantee, far away victory.

Indeed, the heart of FIFA 18 ultimate team is the collective agreement. For your team gives the best of herself, or a little more, we need players who have make up a link between them. A relationship is created when two players have the same nationality, belong to the same club or participate in the same championship. If you violate this, players will see their grades drop.

What's new in FIFA 18 ultimate team?

EA Sports innovates this year and offers two new game modes that will delight fans of team building and hardcore gamers.

The team-building challenges
To understand this novelty, it must first know that we do not really play in this game mode. No games. This is to create a team based on specific criteria in order to win a challenge that will allow you to earn fifa coins. Thus, a challenge requires you to create a team with eleven players of your club, maximum two nationalities and 60% collective agreement. The subtlety is that the players that you align to win the challenge will be permanently lost. The idea behind it is to recycle unneeded players his club while recovering some FIFA 18 coins throughout the year. Indeed, EA Sports has already announced that the challenges will be offered regularly.

FUT Champions

Possible in the standings. The landing you reach the end of the weekend will offer you great value packs. And for the regulars, a grand finale will feature the best players in FIFA 18 ultimate team with exceptional endowment of $ 1.3 million to be shared. The stuff of dreams and take this new fashion very seriously.

12 Tips Of  IMFIFA.Co

If you want to carry the FUT mode on the fingertips,follow this recommendations!

1. Enjoy the daily gifts
By logging in daily web game application on your computer or directly from your smartphone or other consoles, you will be offered a gift by EA Sports. This may be Packs, contracts or loans. Early in the season, any pack is important and with some luck, free one can recover a good player.

2. Activate the bonus coins EASFC
The nerve of war on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team is money. A simple way to make a lot of money at the beginning of the game is to activate the bonus coins. You will have a bonus of 1,000 coins or more at the end of each game for a while, you win or lose.

3. Do not sell in hurry
Early in the game, not bradez your items on the grounds that the card does not serve you or the player that you just received is not for you. Always remember to go check the average selling prices on the transfer market before selling. Otherwise, you might regret it bitterly ...

4. Recruit coaches
This is one of the tricks that can save money on contracts. The more you have in your club coaches with a bonus on negotiation, the application of a contract will be profitable. Specifically, you can double the number of contracts that a contract card gives you.

5. Perform tasks manager
Fourteen in number this year in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, the task manager can quickly earn rewards. This will change the name of your club to purchase a contract item on the transfer market. It's very simple, very fast and it can bring you some FIFA coins.

6. Play offline
It's not the most fun in the game, but it is interesting at first to avoid confrontation line, especially if your team is not competitive. Enjoy offline games to earn a few FIFA coins, build a team before you go try your luck online.

7. Focus on team
Useless to mount several teams from the start of the season. Set yourself on a team or nationality, for example a League 1 or a team with only Argentines. The more you know your team, you will play better and therefore more chance you have to win games and thus have coins to create other teams.

8. Wait a bit to buy the best players
The best players are the most expensive usually. However, the price of the players fall naturally during the year. So avoid cracking immediately for a player, especially if you need to hire more than 100,000 coins in the case. When one loves, one does not count, but sometimes the wait is good, especially if it saves you coins.

9. Never give up a match
While it may be difficult or unbearable to play a game that is known lost, the ragequit is severely punished in FIFA 18 ultimate team. Your ratio of abandonment will be impacted and will lower the total coins you earn at the end of each game. A board so if the game you escape, relax, try stuff, but do not disconnect.

10. Emphasize the collective
While it is always exhilarating to bring the best players in the club at each post, be aware that this is rarely paid on FIFA 18 ultimate team. Try it, especially at first, to have a team of 100% collective agreement. Your best players will put on the field and will be at full capacity.

11. Follow the news
FIFA 18 ultimate team is a game mode that is regularly updated with new information, new events, etc. Not to miss anything during the year, we recommend the excellent imfifa.co that relays all information about FIFA 18 ultimate team

12. Earn FIFA 18 Coins with the purchase / resale
Want to build a dream team, but you do not have the time or the level to earn a lot of money? Read the article on the site (Purchase / Resale)

- The taxes
The most important is to always take into account the 5% tax on a sale. For example, if you sell a player in the final price of 1 000 coins, you will receive only 950 coins. The remaining 50 coins will go to the market system. Therefore, if you buy a player in 2000 fifaz 18 coins in order to make a profit of at least 500 fifa coins, it will put on sale from 2700 appropriations.

- The rating of players
It is important, before you buy and sell a player, you'd better to know how much its exact value on the market. For this, please visit futbin.com . It will let you know the market value of each player and therefore to adjust your resale.

- The mass sale
Last but not least, most methods work on mass sales. Therefore, it is strongly advised to have an exchange stack up, or 100 elements. Plus you have players on sale, the greater the benefits are significant.

Popular Technical
Here are some technical buying / reselling that work each year on FIFA 18 ultimate team.

- The Tech 59
The goal here is to buy a player at the lowest price and that from his appearance on the transfer market. so you must select a player to buy now price equal to the lowest price and restart the search to find at this price. The technique is quite tedious and can take time. After, there is more to sell it by making a gain.

- The Jet Tech
This method is to buy a player with a style, at least 15 contracts and 99 shaped at the lowest price. You apply two contracts in gold and rare and you sell the 10% to 15% more expensive.

- The Tech FUT Millionaire
One method, well known now, is to buy coins and few players at the lowest price, 99 shaped and 7 contracts. You can win between 700 and 800 fifa 18 coins on each resale.