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Suarez attitude towards the results of the match against RM

After the match between Real Madird and Barcelona, many people are focusing on Barce. We imfifa are also what to say Barce have made their efforts. It is not the end of world just as what Suarez said in an interview.

“Right now we need to forget the outcome of this game, seriously think about how to deal with the next opponent, next week's opponent Celta Vigo team. Star teammate and a public partner, for me, feels great, I believe we can win the championship final. in fact, even to tie it at Real Madrid after the 1-1, we have been also holds the initiative in the game, we have control of the situation, the team created a good scoring opportunities, but when you can not get the chance, the game becomes difficult. "

Barcelona midfielder Harvey also echoed Suarez’s view, he said: "Our performance in the game is too generous. When fighting against an opponent like Real Madrid, you absolutely can not be so generous. Opponent's second goal was the game turning point, which makes them bolder playing back, this is what they do best. We have the opportunity before halftime to turn the score to 2-0, but we did not get the chance. Dealing with Real Madrid, you must not waste any opportunity, they are a team to counter a living."

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