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SuGod refused to attend the Golden Globe ceremony dissatisfied FIFA

Barcelona will be fighting off the King's Cup in Peabody. And on Monday in Barcelona before Fifa Coins the Court of  Arbitration for Sport on Suarez's suspension was appealed. By convention, the Sports Arbitration Tribunal needed eight days to closed, "Aspen" therefore finds Suarez in fact will not be able to attend the game. But on Tuesday the situation was suddenly reversed, sports expedited arbitration tribunal hearing the case, which is expected to announce today the results on Wednesday. If Suarez appeal is successful, he will be able to appear in the new San Mames stadium.

Suarez can be played well and good, but Barcelona and Lionel Messi he must do to prepare both absent. Since Su God joined Barcelona, ??he and Lionel Messi missed a total of five games side by side, Barcelona record of 4 wins and 1, have conceded 22 to 2. This five games, all occurred in the King's Cup. In addition to the away 4-0 victory over Elche when opponent is outside of the Spanish team, the other opponents are C team. In other words, this data is in fact a reference value is not large.

Suarez was not selected for the top three Golden Globe, nor selected FIFA Team of the Year. But to accept the "Daily Sport newspaper," interview, Su God said he actually received the invitation of FIFA, but he refused to participate in the ceremony golden goal. Obviously, the Soviet Union was FIFA God for long-term suspension still feel very convinced.

"FIFA Golden Ball for inviting me to participate in the ceremony, because I was the best player in the Club World Cup, I think they may have never previously had issued such an invitation." Suarez statement, "In fact I also really want to win the World Club cup, and not think about this race in the end who is held in. to become the best player I was very surprised, because there are so many high-level players, and I was selected. But I am also very proud, because it means I The efforts and sacrifices have been recognized. We like to share everything, because everything belongs to the team. "

Su God finally spoke MSN trident: "Barcelona shirt world's most beautiful, the best team in the world, playing center, which means there is always a lot of fifa 15 coins ios scoring opportunities Sometimes people think it's easy, but in fact is not the case in Barcelona, ??Lionel Messi. is the best in the world, Neymar is the world's second in injury time Messi, Neymar and I support a lot of games together. We want to be protagonists nobody, nobody wants to be the best. But it is clear, Messi is still the NO.1, he kicked a penalty kick in the property. "