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Steven Gerrard Announced His Retirement

Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard announced his retirement, end his legendary career, it is unclear that Gerrard future whereabouts. Gerrard was born on May 30, 1980 in England Merseyside Whiston, 9 years old, to join Liverpool's youth academy, and later tried many clubs, including 14 years of age to Manchester United training. In 1997, Steven Gerrard and Liverpool signed the first professional contract, and then in 1998 he joined the Liverpool first team.

From the 1998-99 seasons, Steven Gerrard began to represent the Liverpool first team appearance, a total of 710 debuts, into the 186 ball, but Gerrard's career is a pity that he never represented the Red Army won the Premier League title. However, in 2005, Steven Gerrard led the team to the Champions League, which is his career the most important component of an honor.

After leaving Liverpool, Steven Gerrard joined the Los Angeles Galaxy, two seasons on behalf of the team played 38 times, scoring 5 goals, in the Galactic contract expires, and he chose to leave. Although Gerrard can still continue his career, there are teams invited him, but he chose to retire. Steven Gerrard is also a member of England, representing the three lions played 114 times, scoring 21 goals. Gerrard is not sure where the future, after Milton Keynes had given him a coaching invitation, but Gerrard declined.

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