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South American countries football players export trade

As early as in 2008, the premier league because there was a Third party ownership tevez west ham was banned, then polish and French league also to say no to such deals. But in many countries such as Argentina, Brazil and Portugal this phenomenon is still widespread. The trading techniques from South America in the 1990 s, after the 2007 financial crisis, Banks generally reluctant to provide loans to cash-strapped club, making it popular in Europe.

Manchester united this summer, for 16 million pounds sterling has introduced the Argentina international rojo, but the deal too much trouble, although the rojo eventually came to old trafford, but it caused a huge controversy, a company called east rock (Doyen) sports fund company has 75% of the rojo's ownership, but his old club sporting Lisbon on the distribution of the transfer fee is at odds with each other.

Third party ownership problems far more than just a transfer of derivative, uefa has formed a team to hold the player's phenomenon is investigated, the results showed that many hold players will let the club into the potential debt circulation, in addition, due to the Third party company often financially very opaque, often easy to cause the game by artificial manipulation, not conducive to the healthy development of the sport.

Sao Paulo lawyer who helped completed hundreds of this kind of deal eduardo card, 'said that ban on Third party ownership way to trade could harm South American countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay players export trade.

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