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Something about FIFA 15 strategy parsing on imfifa.com

FIFA 15 is a football game, how to win in the game? What kind of tactics? Many people ignore this because are not focus on the FIFA or live before, since the effect is not obvious, especially the players segment set! First team tactics, as usual, are three line speed, style, shape structure. Front main set attack movement more forward or coordination. The midfielder is main lightning or fast forward. The back is oppressive and position before and after the wide tight. Midfield and movement are random strain or option to stand your position!

Defence, high pressure is decided you play defense or leave space, stance on + oppression can nip up play in the midfield but at the same time easy to play behind, back + not urgent can prevent balls but easy to pressure. Width is the defence position is compact or spread out, many people don't realize the importance of that! You middle dense compact Barcelona types of infiltration and long shots are hard to break through can easily blow your side, but your opponent out can be a good fight side but the door wide open!

Followed by the FIFA player tactics, is no longer a defensive mentality set a direction is so simple! Each player can according to the different positions have different options, such as the striker is walk or stand, or looking for space in coordination and in the defence of the compression degree of geometric! Midfielder is forward or protection! Is the most changeable winger, can be used as a winger or more cross winger in the wing began to organize. Strategy, which can be fixed to play all the way, to which the defence waste of energy, and then put on a chain in the second half of his own powerhouse, we should each other will be very prone to leakage, turned to physical problems such as super slow, mis-kicked it,

Also includes the FIFA 15 shooting effect. This for a long shots do absolute truth in the highest, for different players and different position of the ball, different speed, different defensive pressure, long shots will have different feeling. The overall goal is to strengthen, especially long shots ability of players. This requires a defensive player on the defensive, the ball is in the other half can be powerful swoops down type of mere wai, pressure to the other party, easy to cause turnovers.

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