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Something About Fifa 14

Fifa 14 is a football game, which can be Element 14 in the series works also compete using the reside football action game, the series will see a marked improvement in every generation, this generation is no exception, not just within the game improved and intuitive screen has a great deal of progress in other locations.
Strengthening the part with the game screen image viewer and make use of the most current information management systems let the game become a lot more intelligent, this generation's function a single step further away from the truth, is reflected within the players shoot the ball's point of view, players use efforts will directly have an effect on the ball in the point of view needless to say, and then a player's ball control capacity to develop into stronger and will make an extremely clever pass to fool the player's eyes but in addition to optimize the long-range pass, furthermore to strengthen the laptop or computer game the judgment does not seem to block the so-called phenomenon of persons or run around or in the event the player is a football fan can not miss it.

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