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Something About FIFA 19 Closed Beta Vesion

What is FIFA 19 Beta?  FIFA 19 Beta is a closed mode game edition and allows players to play the game before FIFA 19 offical public, FIFA 19 closed beta mode is only available for PS4 and Xbox one platforms. As we know, nearly all games  have many inevitable bugs when develop, buy each game publisher hope to decrease them to minimal when the game released. Obviously, game publisher don't want to see their fans play the game with many bugs, that will lead to lost publisher's fame, take Blizzard for example, as the top 1 MMORPG game ever, World of Warcraft has epic story mode and perfect battle system, just a little bugs comes out the game, so it was popular with players all over the world wide, but recent years, these have been changed, there are many bugs in game, especially starting from 7.0 version, Blizzard have to make many hotfix endlessly,this has greatly damaged blizzard's reputation, players no more admit "Published by Blizzard, Must be competitive",this is a disaster for them and lead to they lost many fans and lose their money finally. EA don't wanna see like that, They treat the beta version very seriously, so they send the many invitation to their fans to hope the fans to join the beta mode, but not each fans will be invited. So, how can fans get chance to join the beat mode?

The fans want to join the Closed Beta mode must conform to three conditions below,
1, you must be 18 years old at least;
2, your console's account must be from UK or North America;
3, you must have a PS4 account or Xbox One account(FIFA 19 Beta mode don't suit for other platforms);
4, you must have played FIFA 18 regularly.

How to improve the chance to get the Invitation code? it's easy.follow this tips and you will get higher chance to get the code.

1 Update Your Contact Preferences
1) Open your internet browser and go to Origin website;
2) Login into your Origin account;
3) Click in‘My Account’;
4) Click in‘Privacy Settings’;
5) Under ‘Contact Preferences’ check the box 'Contact me about EA's products, news, events and promotions';
6) In the right panel, check the following three boxes:
   FIFA, EA Sports and EA Games;
7) Click ‘Update’.

2 Update Your Game Tester Program
1) Open your internet browser and go to Origin website;
2) Login into your Origin account;
3) Click in‘My Account’;
4) Click in‘Privacy Settings’;
5) Click in‘Game Tester Program’;
6) Check if FIFA is available in the right side of the screen. If it is check its box. If it’s not, coma back later if it was added.
7) Click ‘Update'.

3 Update Your EA Sports FIFA Insider Status
1) Open your internet browser and go to link: https://www.easports.com/fifa/contact-preferences;
2) Login into your account;
3) Check the box‘Yes, email me about products, news, events and promotions consistent with EA Privacy and Cookie Policy’;
4) Confirm that FIFA is checked on the ‘Preferred Games’ box;
5) Click ‘Update’ button on the bottom of the page.

If you are lucky enough to get a FIFA 19 closed beta invitation code from EA,congratulations, IMFIFA hope you enyoy the testing time.