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Some Tips for You in FIFA 18

FIFA 18 is coming around the corner. You must be eager to play. Before playing the new edition, you need to stock enoguh cheap FIFA 18 Coins to prepare for it. So welcome to imfifa.co.

Today we imfifa want to talk something about how to become a superstar in FIFA 18. A common mistake among FIFA players is that you are always holding the sprint button down. For starters, this will fatigue your players quickly, which offers your online opponent a chance to outpace you all over the pitch in the later stages of a game. Use sprint to outpace your opponent when needed, but not as a get out clause for bad positional player.

If you're finding it hard to win the ball back, and are finding it frustrating that you can't work out why, there's a high probability you've not realised you can shield the ball. The physical nature of FIFA 18 means that you will need to keep that ball away from danger, so holding the left trigger means you can shield it from your opponent.