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Some Tips For FIFA 18 Playing Skills

Shooting across the keeper, long shots, and so on are all strong. So we imfifa want to give you some introduction to them. If you want to learn more, welcome to imfifa.co which is a professional FIFA 18 Coins for further information.

To have the best chance of your shot going where you want your player needs to be ready to shoot and moving a little slower. With driven shots using weaker foot isn't usually as bad as when trying to finesse. Try to steady your player before shooting. If being hassled when running a tap of the right bumper on its own will stop your player instantly and face goal. Then you can get your shot away as the defender continues running. If running at pace hit shoot button while the ball is a little bit in front of your player. For higher accuracy and control try to move the ball to the side of the players stronger foot and nudge it into a little bit of space ahead.
In FIFA 18 game, you need players with high shot power or long shot trait. So look out for them and get them in your team. You also need to slow down in space and press shoot then let go of everything.