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Some Changes of FIFA 18

We can see the main menu interface of FIFA 18 that currently is still in the production. More information is on imfifa.co where you can buy cheap FIFA 18 Coins.

Unlike FIFA 16 and FIFA 17, FIFA 18 may use pink and dark blue as the main colors of the interface. Because it is a concept map, as the material Paul Bogba may not be the FIFA 18 cover star. The HOME interface is not much different from that before.

The Football Journey of FIFA 17 will continue staging in FIFA 18. Somewhat surprising is that "FIFA Street" will be likely return to FIFA 18 as a DLC. In the second quarter of the Football Journey, you may also be able to use self-built role in addition to Alex Hunter.

The practice mode is divided according to the posterior, middle and front positions. In the online game, we saw the 2018 World Cup, this model may be another DLC of FIFA 18. There is also a "VR mode" which will attract much attention.