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Skillful Application in FIFA 18

As we all known, FIFA 18 will be released on September 29. And the date is coming nearer and nearer. We imfifa want to introduce two skillful application to you so that you can play it very well.

One is Finesse Shooting. Press RB/R1 and shoot button to do a finesse shot. The player will shoot with the inside of his foot. The key to finesse shooting is knowing which foot the player uses to shoot with! If you are playing any game of FIFA, to know your players is very important. Usually people use left footed players as the right striker and right footed players as the left striker.

The other one is Driven Shots. In FIFA 18, these are harder. Especially those with long shot trait. When using a driven shot you need to decide on power against accuracy. As a guide look to use less than half power in the box and up to three quarters outside the box. You will find driven shots are really effective shooting at the near post.

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