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Several Ways to Play FIFA 18 Early

FIFA 18 is on the horizon, fortunately, before the September 29, there are plenty of opportunities to master EA's upcoming game. The fastest way to experience FIFA 18, you need to stock enough fifa coins.

In fact, there are several ways you can get these methods early. Now we imfifa will share to you! EA is carrying out another closed beta this year. Chosen members of the FIFA community will be invited to play games and submit feedback. However, the outside world also have the opportunity to participate in action.

If you are lucky enough to receive an invitation, you will be able to play early versions of the game. It is worth mentioning that a watermark is displayed on the screen with your player tag. This is to prevent you from taking screenshots or streaming games - both of which will cause the account to be disabled.

The FIFA 18 demo has not been revealed, but according to the annual trend, you can expect to see it around mid-September. EA's August Gamescom meeting may provide some instructions on the exact date.

In general, the FIFA demo includes the standard Kick Off tournament, which includes some high-profile teams. The cover star Cristiano Ronaldo will inevitably emerge, and we may even sneak into the climax of a new story in Alex Hunt's "Journey: Return of Hunter".

Book the Icon or Ronaldo version of FIFA 18 to provide a complete three-day visit to the complete game. Only the digital icon version is the cost of both, for the FUT 18 provides 40 sets of Jumbo Premium Gold Pack reward.