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Serbia Admitted Requested to Go out the Stadium because of Beauty

We imfifa may have seen players to be affected by a variety of thoughts, but have you seen player to be made ​​inattentive by the sidelines beauty? According to a Serbian football anchor woman saying that she was too attractive to be requested to go out the court several times.

Katarina Sreckovic, a 25-year-old girl, now is a file to Belgrade Red Star themed program. Not long ago, in an interview she disclosed various interesting fun of football, and said she was asked several times out of court simply because she was too beautiful. And Red Star Belgrade small players do not know how to answer questions in an interview, which is because it is difficult to concentrate in front of her.

"I must admit this is indeed a problem at the beginning, but I think now they have adapted to me," Catalina said, "But the beginning is really very difficult, because in that case they did not even work with me. There are several clubs told me particularly to let me leave the court because I was too affective to the players on the pitch. They simply can not concentrate on playing football. "

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