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Santos received a temporary exemption from International Sports Court

According to reports, the Portuguese Football Federation announced on September 23 by the 59-year-old local coach Fernando - Santos will succeed Paul - Bento, the new term to become head coach of the Portuguese national team, led by France, the impact of the Euro 2016 finals.

Greece and Costa Rica this summer to compete for the Fifa World Cup quarter-finals of the competition, Santos in the penalty shootout when officials fined for insulting the court and after the game has been banned for eight additional punishments. According to regulations, after Santos became the new coach of Portugal, will continue to implement the provisions of the ban in international competition led unable to command the team.

After obtaining a temporary exemption from the International Court of Arbitration of Sport, Santos led the team the right to challenge in the European Championship preliminaries Denmark. More Fifa 15 game info and Fifa 15 Coins cheap buy online from http://www.imfifa.co/