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Sanchez May Join Bayern

Arsenal are still struggling for the league. Whether they enter the Champions League is considered to be the key to keep Sanchez stay. Imfifa reported that Sanchez has decided to leave Arsenal this summer to join Bayern. More information is on imfifa.co where you can buy cheap FIFA 18 Coins.

Arsenal this season has been working for the renewal of Sanchez, but the progress was not smooth. In addition to differences in salary, Arsenal can not walk further in the league and the Champions League made Sanchez disappointing. Sanchez has made up his mind to join Bayern Munich this summer. The Chilean believes that joining Bayern can give him the best chance to win the trophy, while Bayern can also provide him with generous contract.

So far this season, Sanchez has scored and 12 assists 25 goals for Arsenal, so he is the the number one key player in the team. Once Sanchez leave the team, it will be undoubtedly a big blow for poor Arsenal and Wenger. If Sanchez decided to leave the team, taking into account the contract and other factors, Arsenal is expected to take back only 40 million-5000 million euros transfer fee.