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Russia FIFA World Cup stadium project satisfied for the first review

Even if there are more than three years Russia's FIFA World Cup began, engineering related field has been in full swing. FIFA inspection member of Engels in Russia in the 2018 World Cup for the first time yesterday review work, as a result, he points out that satisfied with the current situation. Although sochi games stadium needed rebuilding project, is made up of 40 people of FIFA and the organizing committee of the Russian experts did not have found significant problems.

He said to the media from around the world: "this is the first time we went to the Russian, was pleased with the result of the current. However, we still want to see positive change in each time you visit." Known committee visited the representative of Moscow's luzhniki stadium, while the day went to Moscow at the home of Sparta, spartacus stadium can hold 42000 people, there is only enabled.

Written on the new stadium big praise, praise, also quite delighted with the reconstruction of the luzhniki stadium project progress, also appreciated kazan stadium used to host the world university games last year, described it as "excellent stadium". Based on more than Brazil this year's World Cup stadium not completed as scheduled, FIFA is sensitive to Russia's World Cup after four years, don't want to history repeat itself.

In addition, current ebola problems many African countries, is to be held in January 2015 in Morocco's African cup of nations are not necessarily as scheduled, but who have a history of the FIFA World Cup held in South Africa has showed not ready to take over to do yesterday, for South Africa last year have jointly organized the African cup of nations, when Libya currently on hand and do not have the resources to do the more.

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