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Ross Barkley Attracted Much Attention

Everton midfielder Ross Barkley has been Tottenham Hotspur's goal, he also hopes to leave next month. According to imfifa's latest news, Arsenal is now eyeing the England international midfielder, they also want to join the battle of Barkley.

Everton had a 50 million pound bid for Barkley, but the price could have fallen before the transfer window closes. After all, the team midfield has just accepted the groin surgery, and he is expected to recover after 4 weeks. Moreover, the 23-year-old England international contract with the team only last year.

In view of the current situation of Barkley, the biggest pursuit of Tottenham was confident to 25 million pounds of cheap to persuade Everton to sell the England midfielder, they from last winter will be regarded as the target of Bering. But Arsenal are also closely watching the situation of the Englishman, and at any time may sign him.

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