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Rooney has been accepted as a substitute

Recently this period of time, Rooney has become the focus of people, not because he is hot, but because of this once glorious star abandoned by the United boss Mourinho: Rooney become a substitute. For his current situation, what is Rooney think? Today, he gave a view of the England national team conference. Rooney said his recent state is really not good, he made the decision to make the decision is not wrong. Rooney even worried that he will be a substitute in the national team, but he also pointed out that even so, he will try to contribute to Fifa Coins the team.

This month, Rooney will be 31 years old, the status of the speed of the decline of his career at the crossroads. Talking about the situation in Manchester United, Rooney frankly said: "in the previous game, I play is not good. I understand that I am not worthy of the main identity to play the game behind the game, I deeply appreciate this point. After I made the replacement, the team's performance is very good, therefore I can only wait for the opportunity, waiting for the time to play."

"Yes, I have always had a lot of criticism and pressure. Listen, I did poorly in the game against Waterford, I understand it all. I understand Mourinho's choice in the squad. He made me a replacement. The team played so well against Leicester city. I will be more hard training, looking forward to Fifa 17 Coins give me another chance." Rooney said: "I would love to play the game, but I will not give up on themselves, but not for the country to war. I know I can do better. Every time when I did not play well, the outside world will be overwhelming question, I must be more focused to play."