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Ronaldinho Missed Invincible Years after Blasting Ramos

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Streamer is easy to throw people, red cherry and green banana! When C Ronaldo and Messi performed peerless hegemony, Mr. Kaka has fallen back playing Sao Paulo, Brazil, Cannavaro then came to Guangzhou Hengda becoming the Executive coach, while Ronaldinho went Mexico for gold. On November 20, 9 years ago, Ronaldinho scored 2 goals to defeat the Bernabeu. Real Madrid 80000 fans pay tribute to a standing ovation, but today Ronaldinho began to miss the day of the coronation.

And just today, Ronaldinho, has traveled to the Mexican League team Queretaro, released that game goal videos on social media Instagram to cherish the memory of invincible years. He passionately writes: "Probably nine years ago, I was in a great club to have such a great time. Thank you for your support."

Brazilian have innate love of pleasure, which also allows the fall of Ronaldinho in the golden age. So many people regret, but it is the unique nature of the liberation of the Brazilian that helps Ronaldinho have the most enviable talent and spirituality, which still have made you excited in the middle of the night?

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