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Roman defeat bayern Qatar World Cup kick off at 1 AM

German football can always make people the jaw-dropping score! Germany has swept across the hosts in the Brazilian World Cup semi-final 7 to 1, now the bundesliga giants bayern Munich and give the same score to the italians. The 2014/2015 season is a group in the third round of the champions league. It is worth mentioning that a few games were staged war goals, 6 to 0 victory over Chelsea maribor, Barcelona 3 to 1 victory over ajax, schalke 04 4 than 3 win over sporting Lisbon at home... But one of the most crazy score is bayern away 7 to 1 victory over roma serie a giants.

Bayern is not only has a policy, lahm, muller, neuer and boateng newly crowned World Cup champion Germany star, with arjen robben and levante, such a famous foreign aid knife, but also have to know well the coach pep guardiola and centre-half boehner tia. Overmatched, tactics wrong, bad luck, although the Roman team final with heat, pooh the goal saved a face, but the defeat or make them hard to accept.

About 7 to 1 score, however, the Roman team should not strange, seven years ago on the champions league knockout, they had swept by Manchester united in the same game on the road. Roman only four goals in seven rounds of serie a this season, the match has four goals in 30 minutes before. For the Roman, the only achievement of the game is to break bayern record for clean sheets last eight games.

Can host the World Cup has been smoothly has close relationship with the weather. The high temperature of the Qatar problems unresolved, FIFA President sepp blatter this paper puts forward the basic idea of winter run competitions, but few supporters. Another FIFA official put forward a suggestion, and the World Cup can be arranged in the morning at 1 o 'clock kick-off. He thinks all the game can be changed in the night. Every day can be arranged in the first game of 19 points, the second in 22 points, the final is arranged in the next 1 am. Nichols admitted that game will cause some confusion in the morning, but in addition to avoid daytime high temperature, also can take care of fans' demand to Europe.

Nichols, can arrange a youth tournament in Qatar, first observed kicked off in the middle of the night for it. In his view, this is without changing host World Cup that the best way to continue to be held in the summer. FIFA has yet to discuss this proposal, but has formed a special investigation team studied the Qatar time problem.

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