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Rogers reminds Imfifa of Wenger

Look in such a short time he has done what it, he first came, the situation is very bad in Liverpool in FIFA15, but he led the team has made great progress. This season is a learning process, but we will achieve our goals last season, Liverpool's performance is really incredible, the more difficult this season, but we need the support of Rogers, because he is one of the best coaches in the Premier League.

In Imfifa view, it is easy to earn respect when Wenger led the team to win to buy FIFA15 coins, but when the situation becomes worse, his extraordinary leadership skills can always inspire the FIFA15 team to move on. Now, Rogers also has become a top coach such qualities.

Toure has won the league title in FIFA15, but the Ivorian people especially respected and admired his mentor Wenger gunmen. Arsenal won that season undefeated season, Toure only missed one game, but in his view, is in FIFA15 some ways the Liverpool manager Rodgers and Wenger are very similar.

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