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Ribery Needs A Truce Again

It's absolutely bad news for Bayern fans, for because of thigh muscle tear, Ribery, just recovered from injury, will once again rest for 8 weeks, according to the latest report from imfifa.co.

It's reported that in the game Bayern 2-0 beat Dinamo Zagreb in the Champions League, Ribery was forced to leave th eground for injury.

Recently Ribery's injury has been confirmed, thigh muscle torn and he would therefore be out for 8 weeks. We all know that Bayern has long suffered injury crisis, the crack between Guardiola and Bayern doctor Braun's medical team is more and more big, this may be the reason why Guardiola chose to leave Bayern.

We feel sorry for Ribery's injury again. We fans need him, Bayern needs him much. So wish that he can take this opportunity to have a full rest and be healthy as soon as possible. In the end, he same reminder for you: 5% coupon code and 300k free coins giveaway for you. Time is limited.