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Resale And Purchase Technique For FIFA 18 Coins_IMFIFA Method

As you know, make a team it takes players, and some are really not given!

Three solutions to get them:
Have a lot of luck and find them in a pack!
Win all his matches and do not spend a penny to save the max
Make resale buying to save time!

Buy Resale: Watch out for scams!  First of all a caveat, because there are a lot of miracle sellers on the internet, who sell you their "magic" solution!  Do not get pissed, there is no miracle solution, so do not give fifa coins or real money! There are also have bots / software "auto buyer" for FIFA 18 transfer market, which buy a list of players defined under a set price threshold, then resells them more expensive. It works well, but at the risk of getting you banned from EA!  It's up to you to see, I do not want to take this risk.

My technique:The Imfifa's method
IMFIFA's technique is simple and old like the world, just buy the cheapest possible and resell at a good price! For example, buy a player 800 fifa 18 coins and resell it 1300 coins. You're going to ask me, it's fine, but by using the "maximum buy price" filter, potential buyers will never fall on the card, and therefore never buy it. And here I say yes, 80% of the players will not get caught. So 20% more players are easier to be inviting. There are about 12 million FIFA players around the world, and 20% of 12 million , it still has a commercial potential of 2.4 million players less attentive than the others. As well enjoy! Take PS4 for example, there are about 1.9 million players, that makes a target of about 380,000 "naive" buyers, and even if you only make 100 fifa coins of profit on each one, it does everything And 38,000,000 coins. Of course it does not do everything, here are some tricks and commercial techniques to maximize your chances.

Find a good price:
Already how to know that it is a good price? Just go to sites like Futhead, To know the price of a player. Then get up early to get the best price. Use the filters maximum purchase price, and bid on the lowest rates. In short, you have to be careful and spend time to do that.

Duper the price comparator:
In FIFA 18, it is now possible to compare prices. Maybe someone would think that it will play against us but on the contrary! Because the price comparator displays the first 6 cards whose auction ends soon. And since you're smart, you bought at least 7 times the same card and you put them up for auction at a few seconds intervals. What's means that even if the player takes care to compare the price, he will see 6 times the same card at the same price, and will therefore be convinced not to get hurt, and will buy your card.

Focus on the compulsive buyer:
Rule of thumb, always set an buy now price, because you and me, when looking for a player, you want it right away to be able to play with. And when you're in a hurry, you're ready to pay a little more, to play right away.

Trap the pretending player:
For small purchases (1000 to 1500 fifa coins), most players only compare the prices on page 1. Page 1 shows 11 players, like the technique of the price comparator, it will buy here 11 times the same player. So, once every hour in the 59th minute of the auction, only your cards will be on page 1 at the same price. how easy to let other buy your card.

Having a commercial monopoly:
The fact of buying 11 times the same card also has the advantage of having an impact on the price of the card. You buy all the cards below the limit price (you know the price hinge where the cards go very fast). Then you put them all back to 1200 coins and 1300 immediately. The goal is therefore to prevent others from buying at low prices, and to be able to influence the price of a player's price. And by buying an 800 player and reselling it 1300, that's 500 profit fifa coins per player.

Do not put all your eggs in the same basket:
As you see, I advise you to buy 11 times the same player, but I advise you not to go beyond. For it is enough that the player in question becomes unpopular, and you risk having the cards on the arms. The break is not too serious, since you have to buy at the best price. At worst, you will resell at the same price. To avoid this, you have to try to vary your purchases, and to make rotations between 5-6 players. No more, because beyond that you will saturate your transfer list.

Restart often:
Here too, there is no secret, so that it works it must devote time and relaunch every hour its sales. And of course redeem the quota of cards sold. Do not forget that you can reboot through the fut web app tablet, or even via pc. Don't need to turn on the console.

Which players to buy ?
For my part, I stay in the cards at "low prices" to aim for the greatest number. And the more expensive cards are also purchased by a more informed audience, so it works less well and requires more initial resources. By low prices, I mean the cards whose hinge price is in the 800-900 approximately, and then I resell them 1200-1300 fifa 18 coins. Of course we have to do this with popular players, and to help EA released the list of the most buy players in FUT mode.

The Imfifa's method in summary:
As I told you, there is no quick fix for resale buying, but rather a set of little things: spend time, know prices, buy 11 times the same price Player, apply 2-3 commercial techniques, keep up with football news and use the game's settings to his advantage.
Hope that helps.