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Renato Sanchez Attract Much Attention

Last season with excellent performance, Renato Sanchez joined Bayern Munich with high price. However, after a season, Sanchez's growth did not meet Bayern's expectations, and coach Ancelotti did not want to continue giving him opportunity. Many teams want to rent Renato Sanchez this summer.

Last summer, Renato Sanchez in the European Cup's high light performance attract much attention. Bayern beat many competitors. The basic transfer fee is 35 million, in addition, there are terms of a series of additional costs, once these terms are activated, the total transfer fee will be no less than 80 million euros. In the last season of Ancelotti lineup, Sanchez did not have enough playing time.

This summer, including the old club Benfica, a number of teams hope to introduce Renato Sanchez. According to imfifa news, AC Milan also want to lease him. The specific plan is to rent him for two years with 700 million euros, and then in the third year they use 40 million euros to a buyout.

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